MGTOW: What is it and why? The Pros and Cons

MGTOW is not a new movement but it is one that has grown massively in popularity over the last few years. Here is a brief description of what it is and why.

MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way) is an idea that seems to have gained popularity as a reaction to the more militant and unforgiving current example of feminism. It should also be considered that the media portrayal of feminism has helped in this as well as the coverage of issues affecting women has become so prevalent on our screens, whereas coverage of mens issues is none existent most of the time, and when it does raise it’s head is shouted down as misogynist.

The best example of this that i have ever seen is a video posted on YouTube of an MRA meeting that was halted by protesting feminists outside of the hall where the meeting was taking place. The fire alarm was pulled and the building was evacuated, following this the video shows an angry feminist yelling at one of the MRA speakers that he was hateful and misogynist. She also informed him that MRA was not needed as all of the issues that he brought up were covered under the feminist movement.

The question here would be how misogynist is the feminist movement if they want the same things as this supposedly ‘hateful’ group. The answer of course is that this is not true and that this is seen as a game of teams, feminism on one side and anyone who does not identify themselves as feminist on the other. Anyone from the out group is evil and can’t have an opinion. It has been that way for centuries across countries and across conflicts, it is how wars are fought.

MGTOW encourages men to find their own path through life without the societally pushed need for a woman to be in your life for validation as a human. the goal is admirable and certainly the statistics involved in the movement are correct. If the plummeting marriage figures around the world are anything to go by then the movement is gaining a great deal of ground.

The issue i have with anything like this, for example feminism as well, is that once you get into a ‘group’ mentality it is very easy to lose sight of your original vision. As such when looking up information on the movement on youtube there are a great deal of videos that, although providing verifiable statistics, do so in a way that is very ‘us vs them’.

Again this is how groups work. There needs to be some kind of ‘other-ing’ if you are going to get more people to join your movement. But surely this is not something that requires a visible movement? I may be wrong in this and hopefully will be corrected. I have existed in a more individual state of mind for a long time. I believe what i believe and i make up my own mind. I’m sure anyone in any group says the same thing.

I believe that the points brought up by the MGTOW movement (reading through the website homepage for example) are valid and compelling, as well as being more than enough to make anyone consider the move away form the norm. As with buying a car however, i am able to look at and understand the specs on my own, i don’t need you to try to sell anything to me, if i need you i’ll come and get you. I think this is in essence the issue i have with any group activity. It’s very loud. Facts are presented but there is no time to consider or check them, because there is so much noise around where you are.

MGTOW is a great movement. Promoting an individual responsibility to life. You are living for yourself and must develop a greater self of self, of confidence, of a knowledge of who you are as a person. There is no need to look around at the rest of society and say ‘this is what i am supposed to be’ that way lies stress, depression and ruin.

I believe that more people could benefit from the ideals of the MGTOW movement. Taking in the information concerning the world they exist in as well as current societal trends and realising ‘this is not working in my favour at all’ is an important step for anyone. It’s the reason i don’t spend much, if any, time in casinos for example.

I am all for individual thought and action, whatever you want to do is up to you, autonomy is a very important factor in life for any gender, but we’re only talking about men right now. if this is something you want to consider for yourself then there are online communities where you will be able to find help advice and support. There are communities of like minded individuals that would be able to offer their experience.

MGTOW has grown as the current society has begun to see less and less value in the role that men play in society and will continue to grow until this inequality is addressed.

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