Man of the Week: Michael Bisping

The first man of the week for The Man Society is none other than Michael Bisping.

Bisping is the first UK UFC champion, Graduating from The Ultimate Fighter TV show in 2006 before dropping down to Middleweight and rising through the ranks to Champion. Currently holding a win record of 30-9, Bisping is a man to look up to in all areas of his life.

Despite the impressive statistics, these are not why Michael Bisping is man of the week. Instead it is the manner in which he had accepted defeat that has made him all the more admirable. After losing a title defence with returning ex-champion Georges St-Pierre on November 4th lisping was full of admiration for the fighter, both in post-fight interviews and on social media.

Bisping repeatedly spoke of defeat as a learning opportunity and a chance to grow as a fighter, Bisping was also quick to speak to other fighters, such as Cody Garbrandt and offer condolences and motivation to the fighter after his loss to TJ Dillashaw.

Bisping was quick to return to the ring following this defeat, offering himself for another fight, 21 days after his title defence loss, in Shanghai. Again Bisping was defeated in this fight, however it was the willingness to ‘get back on the horse’ that was impressive. It is perhaps easy to be gracious in defeat, it is less so to get straight back into the public eye and fight again. To recover both physically and mentally so quickly, to have a healthy attitude to defeat and the ability to push on and continue so quickly after a set back is something that should be aspired to by all.

We could go into details about the ‘fighter’ side of Michael Bisping, we could talk about training schedules, diet habits and all of those details covered by a number of different sources. What we must realise is that there will not be another Michael Bisping, there are no two people that are exactly alike, no matter how hard i train, how well i stick to a diet and how much i want it, i am aware that i will never be a UFC champion. What i can do is spot traits in other people that i admire and wish to emulate. In this way, aside from his sporting prowess, Bisping should be seen as an inspiration to everyone when it comes to facing up to difficulty, disappointment and defeat.

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